TK Cooper

TK Cooper

Tammy K. Cooper loves corgi puppies, shirts with sequins, and pimp hats. She hails from Southern California, and loves to binge watch BBC documentaries.
Oh, and she likes to write some fanciful stories about men.

    Southern Fried Fling

    Jedediah, a mama’s boy crawfish farmer in Louisiana, accidentally runs his cart into Dustin, a gay student at LSU in search for a husband, at the market. The two talk and exchange pleasantries, but Jedediah realizes that Dustin has just the experience he needs to help him get a job and move out of the house.

    Fucking the Homophobe


    John is straight college student, who just learned from his friend Gabe after a fun night that, well, he wasn’t as straight as he thought he was. Gabe has fallen hard for John, fantasizing about him every night. And John’s Mom learns that he slept with Gabe, so she threatened to kick him out again–and of course he goes back to Gabe’s.

    Business Boy's Bulge

    Dallas, a multimillionare executive at an accounting firm, is longing for a relationship. A swing with destiny has him cross the path of two twins—Hank and Finn, who invite him to a party at their college.

    Gay Spring Break: Cruisin The World

    Calvin, a college student looking to rock his world while on spring break, meets Brock, someone who has hookups for the best private parties, while on an alcohol-fueled expenses paid trip that ends in a giant concert—all sponsored by a famous musician.

    Screwing the Homophobe

    A homophobic conservative activist, John, is forced to interact with Gabe - a strong, confident, and independent gay person - in his College english class. John’s mother doesn’t approve, and forcibly kicks John out of the house—and the only one willing to take him in is Gabe.

    Cocks at the Bar

    Lucas is a phone technician who takes advantage of his job to steal pictures of attractive guys. However, a customer, Neil, gets clever, and is on to Lucas’s plan, and uses that as an opportunity to hook up with him.

    Hot Java Men

    A barista, Tim, hypersexualises his position, using his body to earn extra tips, and is the highest earning barista at his store. He has a few customers he gets a tad bit flirty or physical with, and some tip him a little extra for it. One day, the perfect man enters Tim’s store, and Tim almost dies wanting him.